Insulin Drug Price Inflation: Racketeering or Perverse Competition?

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Summary We contend that recent insulin drug price inflation is a case of perverse competition rather than a case of illegal racketeering in violation of the RICO Act.   We will present the case that a now consolidated racketeering RICO lawsuit initiated by the law firm Hagens Berman has inverted the hierarchy of the Pharma […]

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I have a B.A. in Economics from Amherst College and a Ph.D. in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis.  I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  I now live in North Monterey County, California. My writings are at the intersection of economics, accounting,  financial analysis, and high tech.  I like to write […]

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The Winner of Biosimilars vs Incumbents in 2017: Competition

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Summary While 2017 has been bad for biosimilar entrants, it has been good for competition as prices for incumbent drugs such as Remicade have dropped significantly for the first time.  Rather than argue for more legal and legislative protection for biosimilars, we argue for a rethinking of competitive strategy on the part of the entrants. […]

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