PBM Legal and Antitrust Issues

The Role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in Formulary Design: Service Providers or Fiduciaries?
Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy Vol. 10 No. 4 July/August 2004 pp 359-60

Insulin Drug Price Inflation: Racketeering or Perverse Competition (1/18)

Biosimilars & Exclusive Dealing Antitrust Law: The Case of Pfizer Inc v Johnson & Johnson et al. (10/17)

Biosimilar Drugs in 2017: Good for Competition, Bad for the Competitors (12/17)

Was CVS’s Formulary Exclusion of Mavyret A Violation of Antitrust Laws? (10/17)

Hepatitis C Virus Formulary Choices for 2018: Will CVS Caremark Risk Looking Bad? (09/17)

 Exclusionary Practices in the Mail Order Pharmacy Market

Practical Issues With PBM Full Disclosure Laws
Originally Published in Update Magazine, Issue 4, 2004. Available with permission from FDLI

The Formulary Game

Contrary to What Wall Street and the FTC Say, The PBM Business Model is Misaligned

Sins of Omission’: A Review of the FTC Study of PBM Conflict of Interest (10/05)

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