Hepatitis C Formulary Choices for 2018: Will CVS Risk Looking Bad?

Summary: AbbVie’s aggressive list pricing for its new Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) drug Mavyret is disruptive to the current PBM business model.  It essentially asks PBMs to align with client interests by adding a cost-effective drug to their national formularies despite little to no possibility for retained rebates. On September 15, 2017 Express Scripts (ESRX) […]

AbbVie’s Mavyret Drug Pricing: Disruptive to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Business Model

Summary: AbbVie’s pricing for its new Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) drug Mavyret is disruptive to the current PBM business model because it forces the Big 3 PBMs to consider a drug for inclusion in their national formularies that is aligned with their clients interests — more cost-effective than Harvoni — but not aligned with their […]

Blame Pharmacy Benefit Managers (Not Pharma) For Driving Drug Price Inflation

Summary: We start with a review of the history of the opaque pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) reseller business model. We present our prior estimates of the distribution of PBM gross profits over the past decade showing that they have become dependent today on retained rebates from specialty drugs. Next, we present numbers showing how PBMs […]

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

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Preferred Provider Pharmacy Networks

PREFERRED PROVIDER PHARMACY NETWORKS The CVS-Caremark Merger and the Coming Preferred Provider War (12/06) Medicare Part D and Preferred Provider Pharmacy (04/05) The CVS-Caremark Merger: The Creation of an Elasticity of Demand for Retail Rx (11/06) Contrary to What Wall Street and the FTC Say, The PBM Business Model is Misaligned (11/05) Sins of Omission’: […]